A Vermont Vision: The Future of Odonata Study in the Green Mountain State

Bryan Pfeiffer

Vermont Bird Tours



A new phase of discovery is dawning in the study of Odonata in Vermont . Often considered under-surveyed, Vermont is preparing to join those other states and provinces documenting and reporting the status of dragonflies and damselflies. Existing Vermont resources include: a small but growing interest in odonates among Vermonters; a nearly complete state Odonata list; a collection at the University of Vermont (a source of historic data); a developing database; a Vermont ode newsletter (The Boghaunter) and web site (Odonata of Vermont); tentative interest in Odonata by the Vermont Nongame and Natural Heritage Program; and an on-going statewide butterfly survey (which may be a model for a Vermont ode survey). With this as a foundation, the question is: Where does Vermont go from here? How can Vermont odonatists best use limited personnel and finances to further our understanding of Odonata in the state? Recommendations will be solicited from odonatists gathered at the New England Odonate Conference in Athol , Mass. , on 17April 2004.



Biography: Bryan Pfeiffer is a naturalist, writer, and the founder of a nature touring company, Vermont Bird Tours. When he's not chasing birds, Bryan is coordinator and field lepidopterist for the Vermont Butterfly Survey. But Odonata occupies much of his studies and field investigations. Bryan edits and publishes The Boghaunter, a newsletter on the dragonflies and damselflies of Vermont . He also is co-author of Birdwatching in Vermont, a guide to finding and enjoying birds in the state. Bryan ís extra-curricular entomological project is to develop a field guide to Vermont Lampyridae (lightning bugs) based largely on the diagnostic flash patterns of displaying males. Bryan lives on Bartlett Hill in Plainfield , Vermont .


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