Thirty Years of Change in the Odonate Fauna of New Hampshire

Pam Hunt
The last comprehensive assessment of New Hampshire's Odonate fauna was in 1973, when Hal White and Wallace Morse published "Odonata of New Hampshire: An Annotated List." This document listed 134 species in the state, including 23 that were being reported for the first time. The state list now stands at 154, including 6 new species in the last 2 years. Increased interest by amateur odonatists is largely behind the most recent gains, as well as more intensive searching for Zygoptera.  Over the same time period, the ranges of several species appear to have expanded significantly in the state.  Ongoing development of a statewide database will enable us to track future changes, as well as begin a reassessment of those species considered to be of conservation concern.


Biography: Pam Hunt's background is in birding and avian ecology, but she became interested in damselflies on a fateful day in June 2001 while swimming in a local pond. She hasn't looked back since and has spent the last two years aggressively gathering as much current information on the state's Odonates as possible. Pam is currently a biologist with the Audubon Society of New Hampshire, where her work generally deals with bird conservation - but this doesn't prevent her from thinking about new and exciting projects involving insects when she has the chance!


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