NymphFest 2008
Athol, Massachusetts
February 9 and 10, 2008

Sponsors: Northeast Chapter of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas, Millers River Environmental Center, Athol Bird and Nature Club, Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program, Vermont Entomological Society.

Presentations (PDFs)

Dave Fitch on Larval morphology (5.7M)
Nick Donnelly on Aeshna (148K)
Nick Donnelly on Ophiogomphus and two Gomphus (2.4M)
Maria Aliberti on Aeshna identification (1M)
Linda Gilbert on raising Aeshna (1M)
Chad Edgar on headwater protection (6M)

Other Stuff

Making an LED microscope light (Sam Droege's notes from Joan Milam)
Meena's Microscope Camera

NymphFest Images
Nymphfest write-up

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